The Sway Machinery - You Will Love No One But Me


This new EP of love songs by New York's favored sons serves up a strong brew of lo-fi analog soul, loving echoes of West African pop music and classic Post Punk. With this uniquely beautiful set of songs, these world-traveling rockers put the focus on the inner life, the appetite for pleasure and dreams of eternal romance. This new release will be available on cassette tape, the preferred media format of ghosts and thrift shop denizens. We hope YOU WILL LOVE NO ONE BUT ME will find a place in your collection of treasured musical objects.

The Sway Machinery has a unique pedigree rocking festival stages and dance floors around the world, from Timbuktu to Warsaw. The band has represented NYC culture in musical adventures ranging from the eccentric and miniature to the grandiose and sublime. The band’s 2011 release The House of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1 featured collaborations with stars of Malian music like Khaira Arby and Vieux Farka Toure. Their most recent release, Purity and Danger, garnered a spate of critical praise and saw the beginning of the group’s association with exciting up-and-comers 3rd Generation Recordings.

"The group’s affecting new EP, “You Will Love No One but Me,” strays a bit from its previous output, with more pop­oriented songs delivered in English, but the sound remains defined by the potent grooves of the drummer John Bollinger."​ –The New Yorker

"The music of The Sway Machinery boasts incredible personal and communal depths, intertwined like a double helix." –Consequence of Sound

"One of the most individualistic and consistently exciting groups to emerge from this city in this century." –New York Music Daily

Limited edition cassettes available featuring cover art by Evan Peltzman!

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